A new theory for economics

May 23, 2023
1 min read

I have lately decided to do some investigation of economics and how it is affected by the meta motivators and karmic system. I realized that I had been able to explain quite everything from relationships to decisions that people make to happen the diseases that people get using the unified theory of motivation and living. I could even explain cosmology as well as evolution. But explaining economics I realize it’s much harder because not much has been written on the psychological aspect of it which is the tradition between the heart impact of economics and the spiritual aspect of economics.

In one book the writer conveniently said that the drivers of economics is not supply and demand but instead it is greed and fear. This simple concert sparkled a new chain of thoughts in me that there must be a strong connection between economics and meta motivators.

This follows that after I make my theory I must be able to predict recessions and boom times based on the state of the Meta motivators in the world at that time.