How to develop attitude

Wed, Jun 10, 2009

On Life/Success

Among success trainers/coaches/gurus, we revel in a new psychological-behavioral discovery made in the last 20th Century.

Those we made rockets were thankful to the three laws of Newton.  Those who making complex forcasting of various kinds are thankful to mathmaticians such as calculus.  Those fighting crimes are thankful to the two DNA discoverers, Watson and Cricket.

Similarly people in the business of making other people successful are grateful to the discovery that attitude had a direct relationship with success, not just in mind but in terms of fortune amassed and impact left in society.  Who discovered that? It started with Napoleon Hill with his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’

The ancient text Bhagvad Gita went even further and implied although not in the modern way as we just stated, that we could alter our consciousness and spiritual awakening level by changing our attitudes.  For example it said, “Look at pebbles and diamond as the same. Look at a king and a prostitute as the same.”  This is not just idealogy but a meditation technique. 

As for our concern, how to do change our attitude to one that will guarantee us success here is how.

For example someone hits you.  You could do one of 4 things:

1.  Hit back

2. Give the other cheek

3.  Do nothing

This is waht we see outside.  This is called behavior. 

However behind these behaviors there can be hundreds of attitude ranging from extremely negative to extremely positive.  They could be

1.  I am so unlucky

2.  He or she hates me

3.  It always happens to me.

4.  I must let her go without showing her who i am

5.  I must have done something wrong

6.  She or he is crazy

7.  Poor thing she doesn’t know anyway better to express herself

9.  Thank god she did not have a gun with her at that time

10.  I hope that she or he will realize one day that there were other options for her to vent off her or his anger.

In this way, we have listed out 10 attitudes or ways to look at a particular incident “she hit me”. 

Now ask yourself:

1.  Which is your natural attitude?

2.  Which attitude do you think will lead to which outcomes : success, failure or mediocre

3.  Which attitude would you like to practice?

4.  How will your life change once you adopt this attitude pattern?

5.  When can you start?

Once you answer all these questions you are on your way to wearing the right attitude to get the success that you want. 

Unlike clothes, these attitudes if you practice them long enough gets hard wired in your mental makeup and become part of you. 

By the way if you don’t do it on a conscious level, ads, friends, family, accidents, deaths, newspapers, speeches will shape your attitude but in an unconsciouscious level and in an uncontrolled manner.

So start now and mold you attitude consciously. 

If you need help get a coach near you or contact me.