An unsought world

Mon, Jun 3, 2019

On Life/Success

I was in a meeting today with some entrepreneurs. I realized how happy I am not be an investor or entrepreneur. After my consulting session I listened to their conversations and it was a like an endless mind maze, one point leading to another, going hopelessly no where. It is as if there thoughts were founded on sand. They have outdated and wrong frameworks to see to the world. Otherwise how would any sane person take risks they are taking. they are jumping out of planes just because others are doing so and without investing in a parachute. Mad. What else can I say?

This country has become rich but minds are as backward as when they started. I have read thousands of books, interviewed hundreds of people, and I know how easy it is to fail. these people are just testing their luck. Amazing.

I am just happy i gave up this path. I want to have nothing to do with people like that in those situations. I want to have only consulting relationships with them, which they will come in flocks to get.