Obama: analysis of speech success

Thu, Jun 4, 2009

Nation Building

As usual his speech was excellent.  At the end we must remember that he is a human like you and me.  However several factors have lead him to be the icon that he represents now:

1.  His country: No denying, the same guy in Nepal would not be as impressive. If born in Nepal he would have to present himself differently. 

2.  His struggle to this position: Hillary Clinton was seen on the footage.  He had to beat her and many others.  Such hardship sharpened him.

3.  His realistic delusion: He just believes he is liked by everyone, that everyone wants to hear him, that everyone wants to stop for him.  What can you do about such belief?  It is in the brink of delusion but because it is substantiated on solid skills, personality, qualifications and staffs, it holds.  Otherwise it would be like a man claiming he is JEsus.

4.  His intention: It is clear what he wants: to impress and influence.  We all want that.  What is different with him is that he hones and fine tunes his intentions every second of the day.  He’s been doing since his childhood. You don’t believe me?  Ask him!

5.  His inner gyroscope: This person is well connected inside to the source of cosmic intelligence.  You can feel his words hitting chords in the common threads across people around the world.  Someone is prompting him from inside.  Again ask him, if you don’t belive me. 

Combined these five factors have created an aura of magical influence around him. 

We can train more people into this technology of influence and leadership.  I’d like to grom Nepali leaders to such stature. 

Political leaders– what do you think of my proposition to train you into obama-standard leadership?

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