10 questions to Nepalese leaders

January 27, 2016
2 min read

What prevented Nepal from becoming a great country was a lack of sacrifice from whoever got into power. They were never able to rise above personal interests.
Other countries had such self-sacrificing leaders as a tradition.
We cant undo the past and now we stand on a legacy of legalized corrupt leaders. Can we transform ourselves?
I believe it can happen.
If we could ask the existing political leaders the following questions the history of Nepal would change:
1. How much money, power and followers are enough?
2. Besides corruption is there any way to get all these abundantly by normal people?
3. How fast should we expect the 3 to come?
4. When you lie about to die, will you regret not to have sacrificed these 3 to do what was right?
5. In the end, what did you get by stopping the building of a hydro power plant because you wouldnt get commission ? What did you get by betraying the trust bestowed on you by the people?
6. Do you think you can live with yourself despite living in the luxury your corrupt money bought ?
7. why did you betray your people ?
8. Do you seriously think there will be no consequence of any of your misdeeds ? By the law of Karma, why do you think the royal massacre occurred ?
9. No one is perfect, why don’t you hire top consultants to run the government when you are in power like all successful countries including Dubai do?
10. How can you tolerate so much shaming from the mass of people ? How are you not quitting? Why don’t you go back to college and train yourself? Why don’t you listen to your inner voice ? why don’t you be a man and accept defeat rather than keep cheating?