Sixth Component of Enterprise

May 4, 2014
2 min read

The basis of economic prosperity of any nation is enterprise. For enterprises to form and prosper there needs to be five main components:
1. The Entrepreneur
2. The employees
3. The suppliers
4. The investors
5. The customers

But the fundamental component without which the enterprise would not be possible is the entrepreneur.

It is this species that bring all the other components together so that customers come and buy.

The entrepreneur takes all the risk. He also enjoys all the rewards.

There are entrepreneurs who are able to attract millions in funds and thousands of employees and hundreds of suppliers and thousands of customers. On the other hand there are entrepreneurs who will have just one small shop and one staff and few customers.

In between are entrepreneurs of various magnitude.

Are entrepreneurs made or born? Most are born but lack of employment opportunities force people to become entrepreneurs. Among them most fail as it is against their nature.

Then there are born entrepreneurs who become too ambitious and fail. That is the saddest sight. What could have been so great burst like a balloon.

The entrepreneur lacks a fundamental quality like a super star footballer lacks a coach. That quality is of designing systems, strategies and cultures. He can have the greatest ideas but without these three the four other components wont hold and growth could never occur.

So the entrepreneur is akin to the captain. He might be great but he needs a coach. Without one he will definitely lose or accidently win.

So the sixth component of the enterprise is the coach.