Nepal banda-bad karma for protestors

Fri, May 11, 2012

Nation Building

Most get mad at those protestors of nepal banda for making life miserable for the rest of us.

They come on the road as though they owned the streets for that day. They stop all vehicles and smash them if the driver is not submissive to their authority. They shout in the streets to draw attention as if going on war. They have a mission that is to administer the rule of nepal banda: nothing using fuel should get on the road. They even make cyclist walk their bicycles. It’s a funny sight and I too was to submit to this hilarious act of enforcement one time.

They don’t care if your sick and you need to go to the hospital. They don’t care if you ve got a plane to catch. They don’t care if you will miss the exams. They sure couldn’t care if you missed a day s work.

They are proud of having done their duty to give misery to all.

In exchange of what? Opportunity to be noticed by political leaders, a few rupees, and an advance on any favor to ask?

But mainly it’s not the material reward they do it for. It’s an emotional void they lack. they have so low self esteem that they feel empowered by getting on the street and making an impact, for once in their meaningless lives.

Which healthy individual asks a cycle rider to come down his bike and walk instead of cycling? If I came with a horse they would force me to carry it on my shoulders, I’m sure.

their psychological make up is debatable. But so of their karmic debt they will carry.

Have you ever caused a jam for a few minutes? You know how bad the vibrations sent by others feel. Have you ever un intentionally caused pain on another? After knowing what your action s did, you feel guilt. But even if you don’t feel remorse on either occasions, you would carry karmic debt that you need to pay.

You will get hampered, your life will face unexpected hindrances. if you are wise you will see causation between the two events.

Don’t tell me that these protestors are above the karmic law of retribution. Not even great yogis are.

you can break the law of the nation and think a political party will be responsible but you can’t escape the law of karma that holds you responsible to whatever degree your actions caused harm.

These people are cursed by all. In this life, blessings are not enough to succeed, what to expect with so many curses.

So I pity them.

Plus many bad karma of those they have caused pain, will be transfered to their account. That’s another law of karma.