A new vision of the future

September 6, 2016
2 min read

I have lead a life that is hard to fathom. We can comprehend the Buddha and of Bill Gates because of their giantess. My life starts where these two banks of the river of life would eventually meet.

Bliss and peace is the way of my life. Vision and ambition is also the way of my life.

At 42 i reached the peak of my first Mount Everest. In the same year, the clouds cleared and i see my next mountain. But it is gigantic. What i climbed itself was gigantic: it was the culmination of both man’s inner quest for liberation and his outer quest of success. Neither has anyone climbed this mountain of mine as it is so treacherous that many have died trying nor has anyone climbed my new mountain simply because it is currently beyond man’s wildest fantasy also.

This new mountain again has two facets: the inner and the outer.

In the inner, my vision now is to get into samadhi with the highest level of cosmic intelligence (in itself it is a controversial idea).

In the outer, my vision now is to become a billionaire who’s product is a process that create millionaires and billionaires, then creates wealth to sustain such a state of ‘billionaireship’ through environmental and spiritual compatible consumerism.

My belief is that such a state of existence is possible. It cannot start from the a developed nation where consumerism has taken form of a self-destructive monster that cannot be tamed. However in a country my Nepal where consumerism is in its infant state and always on the verge of extinction owed to political instability, ancient culture based on scarcity and penance, it can be shaped in such a way that economy can grow along with happiness.