my thought on economy of Nepal

June 26, 2023
3 min read

what nepal needs, is core economy. We need to find something that will generate business in the form of jobs that will be able to help people to have a disposable income & spend on food, restaurant & fashion, cars and any luxury items.

some people say that the core economy is tourism, agriculture and medicine. But not enough has been done in those areas by the entrepreneurs in the form of innovation and government in the form of policies. They should be an ecosystem already in place but it is not happening.

India is now heading to become a semiconductor hub of the world. It has develop a vision where I am Nepal till that a concrete vision.

maybe it is because of The Exodus of The talented people to other countries or maybe it due to corruption, but the fact you may start as a country Nepal does it know where to go.

this is very saddening.

the logical question is who is the blame and how do we get out of this rut?

part one of the question is easy and we will blame the politicians. But the question is : Is it true because the politicians are just representation of the population as a whole.

As a population the people of Nepal have made a decision collectively take me easy way and to take care of the inner circle rather than the outer circle and to think of today rather than after tomorrow.

as a population we have very un scientific mind which is very aversive to learning and innovation. We like to depend on others and thinking that wealth is something others give us and that we don’t have & cannot create wealth.

All these thinking patterns have cause a dishes circular property at the day in and disappropriated resources in the current stage of national development.

the economic manifestation of these thinking pattern and value system as well as the belief system is the fact that our national source of income has now become remittance , charitable donations and trade of luxury goods and services.

But I still believe that there is hope for this country because even though our values created a world of lack luster development it also created a great environment for peaceful living because consumerism could not take full root in this country like any other places of the world.

so maybe yes we can have a proper ecosystem entrepreneurs , venture capitalist and good government policies then we can have organisations pronounce the core economy that you create jobs which will all solve the problems of the people in Nepal as well as around the world.

what are these organisations I cannot tell because if I knew then how to doing it myself but Joke aside, Nepali people have not develop to the creative skills required to make the leap of Faith. Not that in the USA everybody is a Creative thinker but they are enough of them to create your cycle of innovation and progress were As in Nepal there is not that Critical Mass of creative people.

so this is my first writing on nation Building after very long time and I talk about this topic now because I think that lot of new ideas are coming related to this topic lately.

so I am planning to write a book called “the unified theory of Economics” so I must write more on Nation building.