Nepal’s problem is similar to the Magic Cube

March 28, 2009
2 min read

Whenever a relative or a friend comes from overseas and tell their experiences of the advantages of abundance and lack of problems in terms of basic needs (electricity, water, heat, transport), I feel a kind of silent anger. 

Today, my trip to a management consulting assignment at Mahendra Nagar (Far west) had to be postponed because of a sudden road block.  Sometimes you think may be you too should have left this country.  But then i made a choice.  A choice to stand by this ship which is definitely gone astray and slowly sinking.  But people like me stayed back in the belief that we could save it from sinking and take it to the land of plenty.  You may say it is a vanity or worse a justification to the choice of staying back.  But many of us who stay back are romantics who believe one day the long lost love (Nepal in its peak of success) will return. 

A new analogy for Nepal’s problem. 

But the problem of Nepal can’t be solved so easily because it is like solving Rubik’s cube or the magic cube.  So many things have to come in place together. 

But i believe a powerful leader with similar skills as the one who can  solve a rubik’s cube, only that it involves changing the 6 sides of the nepalese problem that are mass’s behavior/attitude, economics, history, politics, development and karma, will be able to take Nepal to a new identity: one of glory and pride, one of peace and prosperity, one of success and happiness. 

I wish secretely that i will be that leader.  But if such a leader is there, i wish openly that i get the opportunity be his right hand.