end of samadhi

Thu, Jul 4, 2019

Spiritual Side

My samadhi is coming to an end in terms of new frontiers. I reached the final frontier which was beyond space. I would thus categorize the layers of my samadhi our of body visits:

  1. Just out of body: I just travel around the physical world I know
  2. into space: I am emitting, absorbing body and also a moving trail
  3. beyond space: I am thousands of myself or omnipresent

Yesterday I was confused on how to manage the immense pressure of the third level. But upon sitting in samadhi i quickly got the solution. It was to move around the three levels like i do in my exercise routine. it was easy, relaxing.

So this marks the end, i know.

Finding this state was the most difficult.

This corresponds to the Bhagvad Gita Krishna’ state:

  1. beyond space = universal form
  2. in space = yoga of the supreme person
  3. just OBE = opulence of the absolute

So now i samadhi is about moving in between these spaces. I am sure there is lots of things to do and learn in the next 45 years of life. But I can reckon that there doesn’t seem to be beyond “beyond space”.

What next?

Whatever it is, it will not require the arduous dedication of time and energy i needed before. So that is why i think opportunities are coming.