Top Gun, once upon a time

Sat, Apr 30, 2022

Management Tips

Upon starting the new consulting contract with this huge group, I am having flashbacks of my heydays as the topgun of management consulting in this tiny city of kathmandu. I recall mainly this insurance company. I think i screwed up and in hindsight, I think I should have either quit or operated slower. but the later was not an option with so much pressure from the staff. the ceo over reacted and terminated us. he thought he won and may be he did but my then partner lost a lot of money.

So I don’t know how things would have turned out if I had played slow. I could have had, no doubt.

Those days I was a master of bluff. I got paid enormously for nothing. I was good, very good and I could have continued the charade until the end when a point of no return would have been reached : meaning neither I could not get out of my lies nor the people who trusted me because they would be called fools or simply out of convenience.

Instead this failure and few others made me want to re-educate myself. Since then I have read 1000+ books. Now I could be the best consultant but then I don’t have the need of money nor the willingness to take stress. Sad state of affairs for those who could use my knowledge, if they knew , which most likely is not the case.

I tried to come back but the newspapers would not publish me. It was more because of gods will than their will, i know. No partner proved tenacious enough. So I ended up alone picking the little crumps of bread left for me. But I was happy.

Regrets are there because I needed the money at that time. I did my repentance. I guess it is getting over now. but in my new reincarnation as a management consultant what will be my final strategy or even what would be my vision, mission is unknown or uncertain. Having dropped everything, I ditched my ego too. So it is taking some time.