We need to change the economy

March 22, 2017
2 min read

This country is so pathetic. I’ve worked in 20 companies in 10 years and I haven’t found one that could say we’ve got enough money. It is always the same problem: sales are ok but cash flow is negative and the company is in loss.

God isn’t there any dignity here ? I haven’t seen one single happy owner. Always mired with problems. It seems the only happy one are the banks that lend these losers money so they can sink themselves into further debt and cash flow crisis.

It’s ridiculous that banks should enjoy the loot at the cost of ignorant owners.

Even thinking of these entrepreneurs makes me dizzy.

The problem is that all these businesses are run on debt. They needed to run on equity parked for 10 years with proper management systems and monitoring.

The whole ecosystem is disbalanced. Cheating vat and tax is a culture set by unscrupulous auditors. Instead of planning to increase sales owners focus on cheating. Crazy !

Is there any redemption here ! I’m just tired of working like this. This country needs salvation and a total over haul.

Through all my experience and readings I’ve found that my idea of “Billionaireship capital ” will solve all these issues. I’ve designed the idea so that i recieve proceeds from every transaction in the new economy.

I can change this country and the richest man on earth by doing so and all with very few people knowing me and how it was done.