Gift or Skill

October 22, 2010
1 min read

I’ve got a gift. One person Told me when I was nothing

“You are too difficult to deminate so don’t seek a job.”

Another person said

“Write a book I will read it. You have IT.”

Another person said

“When you speak people listen”


My gift did not fall into any known  category.


Over time I realized my gift is in making  people inspired and enlightened.

Then my gift could bring groups of people closer into more fulfilling relationships

My gift is so peculiar I can’t even put it  Down here .

It is like singing  to me but I can’t find a word repesentiNg  this gift. Motivating would be too limiting


I don’t call it a Skill because

  1. This Thing came to through me. 
  2. I observed it being expressed through me
  3. I figured out its start middle end triggers processes principles
  4. I turned this passig gift inti e skill I can call upon anytime
  5. I even went to the core by developing  the skill to get even more refinement Of the man gift pass through me.