Questioning Probability

October 25, 2014
1 min read

How will life unfold? So many things occurred in the past. Sometimes these events compel me to ask myself? Was it probability or divine intervention ? I don’t believe in a god in human form but there must be something more than probability.
Ok, let’s assume that there is. Then how would that entity affect the course of events?
Let’s take the simplest event. Person A meets person B by chance and they create a multi billion business giving employment to hundred thousands people and adding billions of wealth in the economy. But they could have missed each other if the phone would’ve been busy or if either one had not both suffered some losses enough to think of partnership . How can timing be so right? How could it be just probability?
If the dinausaures didnt become extinct mankind wouldn’t have evolved. If the meteor drifted by few degrees it wouldn’t have landed on earth. If It’s probability then why aren’t meteors falling and causing havoc at least once in 10,000 Years? why like in a movie meteors happily miss earth?