Millionaire vs Billionaire

March 18, 2017
1 min read

Being a millionaire is great. The hardest part though is to stop and enjoy this status of “millionaireship ” . Most people continue to try to earn the next million or ten million. Some even try to become billionaires .

However all fail because being a billionaire is a totally different game than being a millionaire . So the millionaire becomes miserable unable to enjoy second position.

stop. Once you’ve got a net worth of 5 million plus and savings of 1 K a year it’s pretty good enough to stop and smell the roses. There should not be need to wrestle in the mud with other pigs as before.

Being a millionaire gives one security and freedom. But it doesn’t give the benefits of being a billionaire like giving away money for causes you care about.

A millionaire can change his world but a billionaire can change the world like a great revolutionist or scientist without risking his life.

My own journey from millionaire to billionaire will soon begin. However I dont want to leave my freestyle millionaire life style behind so it is taking me several years to even start .