The ears vs the eyes

April 20, 2012
1 min read

I just realized that throughout the waking hours I use my eyes extensively from driving to working on my computer, from looking at the beauty of the opposite sex to reading books and reports.

even as I write I’m reading using my eyes.

I am a good listener and grasp information through the ear very accurately. But I realized that my ears were no where as trained and effective as my eyes.

So I’m training to get information using my ears as I would using eyes. To this end the audio books and magazines are great tools.

Also changing ones focus from one sense to another is good for the soul.

in my car I use my ears to listen to music but it can not be compared to the eyes looking on the road.

let’s see what the world lived through the ears has. More than anything I just wanted to give my eyes a break and ears something more than noise, irritated comments, meaningless vibrations.