On Writing

October 25, 2014
2 min read

Lately I have been writing daily on 3 social sites. Whenever I write I write as though I was paid for that. There are many restrictions from length to the compositon of the readers and the type of site. May be that is why I’m attracted to this work despite no rewards. Yes there are the few likes. But it is not a profession. Mainly it is because now-a-days opinions are in over-supply.
I always aspired to be a writer. However I always knew it won’t happen until I am crossed 60. I think my master-piece will be sold in hundreds of millions between 70 to 80 years of age.
I’m not a writing genius. I write only what I do or did . Also I feel compelled to follow my own writing. That’s why I am postponing by rise as a writer to much later in my life.
Writing is my best friend ever. It is my medium to connect with god.
I am born in the times where everybody can publish for free to readership of billions. But you’d be lucky if even one person reads your work. There is so much supply.
So my current strategy as a writer is to keep publishing without thinking of the rewards I won’t get.