“The moment of Truth” the show: post mortem

August 8, 2010
3 min read

I was watching this show.  Some would naturally love it while others would be repulsed in everyway and shut the TV off. 

Seeing it as more than a gossip column, however, it gives a rare glimpse into the memories of normal people.  Researchers in psychology would kill to find the answers to these questions. 

Watching people answering, yes or no to all these questions, make you wonder: is human race really that hippocratic or bad? 

People who seemingly love each other, appear as noble characters carry with them memories of dishonesty so shocking, to me it is a revelation. 

Do i have such dark secrets too? 

Can anyone live properly with such dark monsters lurking in their memories? 

With sex so on the agenda, i wonder would these people rise above the mundaness of life into greatness.  to them this term being a great man, must be a folklore. 

Definitely the people who come on the show are people who have some character flaws. I mean who the hell would reveal secrets that would shake the foundation of happiness for money?  The act of choosing to come on the show itself zeros on a particular section of the population, one that is not morally sound. 

so my conlclusion is that this show is not representative of human race.  Most of human race is ethical, moral, and understands that sex is something that is not recklessly dealt with.  if one can transform it good, if not subdue it.  The misery brought by acting on sexual fantasies exceeds the miseries brought by refraining from it. Definitely it is like choosing between two evils. 

The segment of the population that comes on this show, would be naturally those who believe otherwise: that it is better to be miserable by sexual freedom than by sexual abstinence. 

It is amazing. 

If sex is so high on these mature people ‘s mind , then they would not amount to much as i said earlier.  But luckily there are people built with strong characters that have transcended the toughest sexual dilemmas.  Woud they go on the show?  they should. 

Beside sex , this show also reveals the character flaws.  character should be like a diamond, clear and flawless.  But most humans are born of characters that have the tendency to be tainted.  IT is just that way. 

Hindu astrology affirms that character is prefixed by the stars. 

So this show is good.  It really shakes us out of our beliefs in the uniformity of human kinds’ goodness. 

would i go on the show?  No way!