the world has changed

April 23, 2020
1 min read

May be the world was never like this. i just feel it is a reflection of what is inside me. my calmness, my serenity all around me. the world stopped. everyone is wrong for the first time.

  • people learning to be canceled upon
  • people learning to have to justify their existence
  • people needing to look inside themselves
  • people needing to transform themselves
  • people having no other option than to accept uncertainty

These changes occurred before for one in a 100,000 people but now it has occurred to 10,000 in 100,000. Some are still defiant and are pursuing the old ways through the available technologies. but that doesn’t have enough gas.

so in one way I am happy. but i find it hard to believe this turn of table has occurred.

the world will never return to what it was before.