A day in lockdown

April 22, 2020
1 min read

Today is cold after many days of sunshine. I stopped worrying about the lockdown and I am taking as a part of life. Every body’s life is affected. Before it was only mine. I was sorry for the others. But I realize they too had to go through the same awakening process. To me because of the nature of the skills, I had to through these losses so many times of my life, but for others it is new. It is the will of the gods.

As i go through my routine, i realize that it will be a very long time I bring in a paycheck home, although i don’t need money, it is a symbolic thing.

I see my wife playing so many roles: wife, mother, daughter-inlaw, teacher, cook, financial planner, procurer, gardener. I wonder if i match those roles. however it doesn’t matter. I just know she is happy to do all those things. I just support her, that is my role.