the perfect body position

April 22, 2020
1 min read

As i was lying on my armchair during my nap, i realized i was struggling to let go. I designed the chair perfectly through all these years:

  • my full body is at total rest
  • the lower back is supported
  • the neck is supported
  • the buttocks are just low enough
  • the thighs trapped
  • the calves cushioned
  • the heels resting
  • the triceps supported
  • the forearm rested and surrounded
  • the elbow freely suspended
  • the palms with a grip

I feels like i was in zero gravity.

I was not accustomed to this feeling, so when my nap was over i wanted to get out. however i soon realized that i was actually practicing shav asan, the real one.

It is very difficult not to have your body to move. it needs the perfect support. so when the body doesn’t need any life, what does the soul do? Wow that was a new feeling.

The answer i realize is that i don’t know. I will be exploring.