Looking back and forth

February 18, 2018
2 min read

Living in a community where we see children going to school, young people going to work, retired folks wasting away, bedridden old people waiting for sweet death, corpses rushed to the funeral pyres, relatives celebrating death anniversaries hoping the passed on soul will get strength to carry on, makes one always alert.

At 44, first time entrepreneur, self-promoted from self employed, I realize that I have no option other than pursue my current vision. I must make a business for my dying days. Now I can waste my energy away making money the conventional way, but that will make me into a retired old man having to bargain for vegetables to keep himself busy or into an obsessed old man who can’t stop competing.

The world is a reflection of one’s inner state. Wow! what a career I had: an impossibly illustrious & successful one. From a yogi to a powerful management consultant/trainer/writer. Now moving to become entrepreneur/investor/philanthropist.

Yes, I started late, but there was so much past karma to complete before I could start. Starting at this age, prevents unnecessary risks and expenses. I’m not making this company to prove anything to anyone. My motivation are 2:
l. To change the world in a grand substantial way in a way only I could
2. To be able to age with dignity and die in quiet glory setting a new model of living

I pity people who aren’t planning for a long life, doing things not conducive to a happy old age and not taking proper timely action towards the same.

These people are on collision courses.

But I am happy that I know on time. As a result I am facing down times , lowest financial income, doubts but it is part of the process of building my kind of company. Others by this stage would have incurred serious loans to finance what I have achieved with very little. So I must say I’m a wise shoe string entrepreneur.

Then another reason I started so late was I didn t know what to be selling until I died for the next 50 years ? I couldn’t sell meals , tiles, transformers , holidays , degrees , loans. I needed something big and abstract. So I settled down to buying , selling , leading companies.