The Biggest test in life: Marriage

February 20, 2011
1 min read

In a training on life, the students asked me what was my view on marriage. I pondered a while then I said “it’s the biggest test of life.”

If people of nepal were in the usa and were not programed with a deep value of the importance of stability , they would have walked away from their marriages hundreds of times. But it doesn.t  make life easier. Men will never admit it but they are victims of social responsibility. Something happens to a woman after she becomes a mother. Well cultured men took this change in their spouses positively. Less mentally equipped men and emotionallyl weak men strayed searching for an elusive fairy. Still others are to busy struggling with life to notice what I am talking about.

But it is real.

Again it’s not all doom and sometimes like england’s weather the bitchy mother turns into a apasara.

One must really be patient. But most burn too early.

Listen to me and don’t catch fire. There is so much to see under this heat. To bear it is the biggest test.