Money and happiness

April 20, 2017
2 min read

After decades investigating the relationship between money and happiness through literature, personal experiments and theorization, I found it be too simple to accept.

1.To be happy , one needs just enough money.
2.To have enough money , one must know oneself and consume only what makes that self happy.
3.To know oneself, one must try out everything to earn lots of money using one’s nature and latent talents.

If happiness is put the y-axis & money or the x-axis, the curve would look like a plateau. To a certain of money , happiness increases almost uniformly. Then after a money point , happiness plateaus. To someone with 10 million , several other millions wont make him happier. Then a point in money axis is reached where happiness falls. The burden of having to safeguard lots of money so that you don t go down is the annals of family history as the one who screwed us all.

Moreover custody of lots of money is stress. You can buy a holiday but you can’t buy the rush of endorphins and other body chemicals needed to make the holiday a true one.

What should billionaires do?

How much is enough ?

This depends on the nature of the person. I can speak confidently for people like me but for others I can only guess.

For me the answers are clear :

I’m going to give away my billions as they come that also anynomously
5 million dollars is enough in net worth

As billionaire Andrew Carnergi said, “The man who dies rich , dies disgraced.” This man spent much of his life giving away his money.

Money can’t buy happiness. There is no point being rich and unhappy. Happiness never comes to the miserly rich , greedy rich or over consuming rich. happiness comes only to the benovelent rich.