take nothing for granted

June 15, 2023
2 min read

when you become old , one of the major things that you can know this is that you do not take things for granted and you do not drop relationships the way you used to when you were young, thinking that that another good thing would be happening just afterwards in a short while and that there will be the better person within sometime.

when you are old you cherish everything that comes in your life.

of course not old men are wise in this way and many of them are total idiots screwing every relationship but they can. Such all people are not actually goes but they saying that are young and that life will cut them some slack all the time.

when you are old and wise it is easier to forget people and to see the world from their point of view. Basically you become totally forgiving because there is no way we can see anybody to blame.

You reach a point when you get even tired of being angry at people and being frustrated at anything. It is an estate that to happiness can be found.

who is to blame? no one.

So now I am in the stage of life where I don’t take anything for granted and anyone for granted yet I allow them to take me for granted because they are to young or foolish not to do so.