April 3, 2020
3 min read

I don’t know what is more depressing to me at present in the corona virus crisis:

  • that i will not have work for a long time
  • that billions of people in the world will have no work for a long time

it is scary to think this way.

So I don’t know whose plight is worse for me.

I will survive without money. I have enough money. Also I can find how to stay productive even if it doesn’t pay.

But the billions too will find a new way to live. So what I am worried about. Yes fortunes will be lost.

May be I got the answer. It will just be difficult for the temporary stage.

The world will never be the same. Old dreams will not materialize.

May be my dream of being old and traveling the world will not come true.

My training career may come to an end.

I just got an order for a consulting work. May be there is hope, but how much, how long?

This situation is demoralizing. Then I don’t have to do anything. I can empathise with those in position on whose shoulders the great burden to navigate their constituency through this unprecendented time has fallen. I could have been there. I am thankful I am not in that position.

Am I lazy, I think? May be.

I am fed up of being with the family every moment. And my house is big enough that i don’t have to meet them. I just imagine those who live in smaller spaces.

But that also I could overcome. Isolation is so much part of me. May be I have pity that the world is forced to go through this process. But isn’t it good for them.

May be I am fearful of the economic destruction. But wars have come and gone, and even pandemics have come and gone. It is just that millions of people are intelligent enough to understand the effects. Before they were just ignorant.

The economy too will find a new balance point.

So why am i worried? why am i frustrated?

I don’t have to be.

The world will take care of itself. it is a big karmic cycle. I know. may be it is the first time that billions of people are forced to change their ways at once. But for me it is not a dramatic change.

after writing this , I am a bit lighter, may be healed.