At another cross road

April 30, 2016
1 min read

I just feel so old and wise : a sage dressed in white atop a hill with his baton looking at the world below with much compassion.

I feel I am beyond all worldly bondage of finance, career, family, inner self , knowledge. It’s as if the sun blasted inside of me. So much power and bliss is circulating inside me: was it not for all my years of meditation, it wouldn’t be contained and I like a lunatic would be jumping around intoxicated by bliss.

Yet a big question lies ahead of me now :
To be forgotten by the world and enjoy my freedom and attainment
To come out into the world and risk my freedom and attainment ?

I hold such great powers, I can into the darkest of hells and yet come out of it un-attached. It is in contrast where even great personalities reaching great heights find themselves embroiled.

I hold a secret vision to make myself felt to the entire world but I am not rushing because I prefer to be forgotten than to be remembered as an anti role model.