being frustrated

June 23, 2023
2 min read

today I will quite in a download because I was seeing the possibility of me dying here in Nepal un recognised. I was frustrated by my own sons lack of interest in my work as well as my wife. I know that this is in no way any measure of the person success because no great man wise ever at or even recognised by his own family. Yet they are choses image that event me from leaving or family.

so I am afraid that in the end I will get stuck here in this city.

and then I realise that even after publishing a great work people still have not come to me and ask me to lead .

I know this is a very naive thing to say. And also know that the time has not come. Yes today I am just frustrated and depressed in short and harmless way.

I feel like running away from home but I know that no matter Where I Run I will face the same situation of frustration and depression because I have to learn that I am not dependent on anybody and that I don’t have to worry about achieving something in life because it is the job of the universe not mine.

Anyways it is okay to be expecting respect from the family but not getting it because if I had got an IT would be your boring place for everybody.

so today in the jungle I feel that my desire to be lost and you want away has materialized to some extent.