Source of power

August 29, 2013
2 min read

There come times in life where one ends up questioning one’s existence.

  1. Who am l?
  2. Am I still needed?
  3. Is it time to go?
  4. What to do next?
  5. Do l still have power?

All seek power but few know that it’s source are numerous:

  1. Money: to have so much of it that one can give it away
  2. Influence: to have so much of it that one can make others act differently
  3. position: to be at such a critical situation that one’s verdict can’t be ignored
  4. Knowledge: to have so much of it others can’t do Thanks forconsulting Thankswithout
  5. scarcity: to have so little of it that all have to come to you
  6. Ownership: that’s simple one
  7. Being: to have the aura of healing, solution

I’ve struggled a lot lately about how my power source has been changing. I’m not powerless as l thought, it’s just that the source changed.

I’m too old to be a fool and act rashly. So the journey goes on but now l am confused.

Clarity is power..

l believe that no matter what source of power l use l will keep doing what needs to be done. This conviction of standing up for the truth is my true some of power.