Life is a 4 wagon train

July 7, 2009
2 min read

It was a workshop for students who passed out from what we call in Nepal the Iron Gate or class 10. 

I first gave them all a piece of paper and asked them to fold it into as many folds are they think they are aspects of their lives.  Some folded into two signifying themselves and others. Others folded into four, six and someone did not fold at all. 

The i asked them if they wanted me to tell them what i thought?  Now they were ready to listen my point of view. 

I believe we make life decision based on four factors:

1.  Inner desire

2.  Prospects of bright future from career

3.  Family

4.  Education

I can explain to you how i am here doing what i am doing, based on those four factors.  My inner desire was to be with people and connect with them to help them succeed but without having to attached.  Then i looked out for which career matched this inner desire.  I found out it was that of a management consultant/motivator/writer.  Then i adapted by life to suit the pros and cons of this career.  My family also determines which assignments i will pursue fervently and which i will not for example those that require me to travel too extensively until my baby is not going to school.  In my case formal education comes last, but my inner desire and career require me to read a lot but on varied topics. 

In this way i have lead my life using the four factors above. 

I illustrated this point to the students by making them play a train with 4 wagons representing each factor.  In some cases the inner desire leads the other three, in others prospects of career, in other family and yet in others eduation. 

In this way i gave the students a framework to make life decisions related to what next steps they will take.