Self counseling myself

December 2, 2022
4 min read

I feel a bit demoralized right now I don’t know why. But that would be. I was wrong statement because. I don’t know why I’m feeling low now. I took it in my hands. To make the call to the college that was supposed to Call me for the time Whereas before I would have waited. I have Changed over the years.

I have reached almost 200 pages in my book. I feel so good about this book delete but I also know that it’s is going to be an artist task what is complete and we try to getting it published. Maybe it’s not even seeing the light of the day. It hit me when I was chatting with my wife casually about to do stuff like and she’s cool about that that’s was expected. But it made me think. However I’m just so happy that I can write it.

At the same time I am feeling perplexed now by what I should do about my career this year. I did several projects in the last years. I have a new idea that I want to be promoting for this month. of course I might fail in it but then when was I ever afraid of failure? I guess I’ll just be lazy. But it’s not even laziness it is just how to design this product I want to sell. Looking back it’s easy to say that the products that I have designed and tried to sell didn’t fit my lifestyle and thus I practically self sabotaged it. my life has always been like that. nothing has occurred in my life that will go against my inner development. so this new idea that I have is I think now highly consistent with the type of life I want to live. if it is not then well I have got to work more on it before I begin promoting it. Thus my problem is not that I am afraid to fail it’s just that I’m not able to come up with the right idea that matches my need.

And I guess coming up with the right idea will take some time and it’s OK. Work is coming. However I’m thinking that I should restart my branding on Facebook amd LinkedIn. Now that I’m halfway through the book I should keep it as a start. The only question is what should I be posting. Anyways I’ll figure it out. So it’s not that bad is it?

So there’s nothing I should be feeling bad about except that I have got to finalize the product I want to be promoting. This product must not make me too busy. it must not make me feel tense and must not add any form of responsibility towards the paying of organization. It must not involve extensive travel. what else should that product do? It should not make me dependent on any single company. well that is a good enough setting for me to finalize my product which is about performance counseling. before I failed because my motivation was more of power, rubbing shoulders with the top guys. Now I know better.I know that there is certainly a lot of what I want to do in the coming years of my life. I don’t want to be working for more than two hours a day. I wan’t be able to pick and drop my wife . I want to spend time with my mother and be there for my son. I’m not mad for money or status. I don’t need a new car. I am no more interested in5 star hotels and I’m not so keen on getting fat so I don’t need to be going to those posh places. So I guess my heart is in the right place now. Let’s see.

So after this self counseling I feel much better and ready to get back to my work finishing my life’s work at this book.