Mixed festive season

November 3, 2022
1 min read

2022 Dashain Tihar unforgettable for me. On your bright side I was able to start the book under 3 modes of nature. I completed by now worry 25000 words and the hole structure of the book is ready and all I am doing you just typing things out.

Had this vision that next year in 2023 would be really and I can imagine exactly what about something great.

Then on this happiness for me I got dengue and it was one bad news after the other. I had to sleep for 7 days & my blood composition got disturbed & now today my liver functions are showing problem. It is a consolation that it happens to everybody & in my case I just happened to have a wife so careful that she checked all the blood on time. Also. So knowing about my problems in the liver is annoying but I am not going to the end with some bad surprises.

so it is still open how this year will unfold.

Lots of good news on the career side also.