Deep pain

December 16, 2022
2 min read

so it is another day in home. I had a very eventful day because I was giving counseling 20 girls today and the problems were very Grave in nature.

I have a special gift to be able to listen to such horrible story without flinching and staying totally calm. To me hearing the stories isn’t hard experience. it is this so much part of me that I am a very nice myself this time.

I feel sad that’s people all not interested to hear my finding especially my wife. It seems that they are just scared of the possibility of having to realise that the problem is that they are currently facing which seems so big to them is in fact so many miniscule compared to that of others.

I believe that it is my duty to liberate all those people I come across and eventually others who are far away from me or who not yet born through my books.

Most people here the stories of deep pain from books movies but I hate from the victims directly. This is something both fascinated and bewildering. I am able to help which one of them even though they problems are each unique.

So I don’t know if anybody would ever be grateful for what I have done but I am grateful and I am proud of myself. and that is what all matters.

I have been training peoples not my life and listening to the problem but counselling teenagers has exposed me parts of living that what otherwise be hidden to the whole world. It just confirmed to me that the whole world is totally ignorant of existence. All the experience with me in a position of knowledge that is so important and crucial to human evolution.

In the end I am happy that the world and doesn’t want to listen to me because I am still learning myself and the main objectives is to write this books.

My wife certainly doesn’t need to know all this . in this way I can move on with my life without needing anybody to encourage me to listen to me, because they just cannot, it is too hard. Let them real in their own delusion reality.