Rule of economics have changed

September 4, 2020
2 min read

I don’t know which direction to go. I guess no one knows. In this confusion I made a comment with unsolicited advice in linkedin. I received reply not appreciating it. I thought may be I would just put on comments in linkedin and get noticed. But I realize I don’t like this unsolicited manner. In social media my current strategy is enough.

How will things unfold?

I just feel pity towards all those who lost their careers along with me. For me it was a blessing. To all others it is a curse. I want to fell empathy but everyone has to change their ways and there is no other way.

Millions of people don’t even have enough to eat twice a day. That is just so heart breaking. I am grateful that there are people who took up feeding them. But if the economy is to just eat twice a day then why not just feed them for free forever? Eventually this is the direction that the economy will go.

In reality everything is an illusion. If matter itself is an illusion, if the sun is an illusion and an imagination of the divine being what to speak of something abstract as economy. The rules were made for a purpose: to teach a level of technological advancement that we have today. The objective having been fulfilled the divine being now knows the rule has to change. It has changed. People are not able to grasp it and adapt to it because it occurred too fast.