power of isolation

May 27, 2020
1 min read

As i contemplate on the state of affairs of the world and my own life, i wonder:

is this it? is the end of my career? am i retired for good?

then i read about Elon Musk. this guy is super ambitious. is he living life and me wasting it? i don’t know why i compare myself to him.

his life is full of stress. if a moment comes without a new decision to take, he must feel lost. my life is the opposite. i am in total bliss.

there is no doubt he has achieved a lot. but i don’t have to measure myself to him.

i am done.

then i wonder what must be happening to all the ambitious people out there, so many i know. Many will never open shop again.

Very few like me will be able to survive this lockdown without losing their spirit because they have no idea how to live in isolation.