Managing a bad day

March 30, 2009
2 min read

It could have been a worse day.  Everything went wrong.  Still i realize that with a bit of mental strength, powerful self-talk, powerful decision making system, it is possible to turn a bad day into a good day. 

The key is not to believe a bad day can happen and that it is only a test of your tolerance, resourcefulness and mental agility.  Once you can know this then nothing can really overwhelm you.  It is like wearing a raincoat in a rain or better it is like being in and air conditioned room amidst an arid desert. 

Then the other key is not to abuse any body on such a day, even if you do on other days.  Don’t vent off anger.  Don’t allow yourself to be angry in the first place.  Don’t allow yourself to be depressed or even let stress take over.  Not on a bad day. 

To tell you the truth, i also get angry or let anger take over me but not a bad day only when i am relatively free and i can fix the mess the anger or frustration causes. 

When things just seem to be too much to take, just go to the gym or best exercise heavily at home.  It just takes away the stress from the head to the body. 

Don’t let worries take over.  Replace them with positive visualization. 

Most of all don’t waste a single drop of energy on blaming anybody for the problems you have to face.  If talking to them will remove a stress, do so.  Otherwise don’t even lament in your mind. 

Don’t be fussy on a bad day.  Take the best that comes.  Think that if you don’t take what is on hand now, you will have to settle for worse. 

Finally , on a bad day you won’t be able to please everybody totally.  Do your best to make them see that what you are giving now is the best you can give at this time. 

Once you have done all these things, you can sleep tight saying: “I have managed a bad day.”