Frustration and the cycle of success

July 2, 2023
2 min read

I woke up today with a sense of frustration about the struggle I have to endure to be recognized as a person who can or will make a radical change in the world through his knowledge.

Before at the beginning when I was unemployed I already knew that had something to give to the world. For years I was frustrated but then eventually my career began and people could not recognize me.

Then I guess I needed more recognition and then I can become frustrated because people recognize me but not to the extent that I knew I should be recognized.

I knew that if I wrote a book then I’ll be recognized by the world the way I should be.

I’m finally out with this book and it got published.

Still right now I’m frustrated because despite having input all my knowledge into black and white for the world to see and to challenge me still I’m not being recognized.

And I think that this cycle of frustration is healthy because it always encourages me to move to the next level.

And this is the way it has to be for anyone to be successful in a big scale, on the long-term sustainable basis.

So I will get better today within short time.

However the good thing is that today I have two goddesses supporting me and that feels really good.