February 14, 2022
1 min read

Lately I am seeing many dreams of being appointed as a chief with someone writing down documents to specify my work. I just wonder what is coming.

I think i want to be a CEO, yes but of a big huge organization. Still i don’t think i am ready as i need to find the solution to the problem i identified in leadership at middle level to lower level. But i can solve this problem . I hope that the current bank will start my idea but if not i will look for another one.

At this point i feel energized and i know that i will do what i have thought of any way like i have done before. i feel young again. but now i am much cooler and have much more finesse. this journey will be long, at least another 10 years.

i just feel so powerful. There is a lot i will have to do in life. it is my karma.