March 6, 2011
2 min read

I realise I am incomplete to fulfill the special purpose of my own life. So I have to associate with other people. In business its called partnership. It can also be called a team. Three people investing in a business can.t be called a team, there are partners.

For the past 38 years I thought I would never find my team mate to fulfilll the mission of my life: change the world. I thought so because I didn’t find that relationship and so I stopped even thinking such a meeting would occur.

But lately working as the chief consultaNt for the ceo of this company , I find myself closer to that mission.

Something real in tangible form , not just imagination is unfolding.

I am nearing 40 and I know its time I do something concrete in my life: in nepal it would be to create a business using an unprecedented business model and eventually selling at uncnviavable amount. I am part of this magic in nepal now as just a sparkle .

Lucky are the few who meet their dreamteam. I am one of them and it makes me feel overwhelmingly responsible not only to the company or the ceo but to my destiny itself.

Something is cooking .