Before 8am

April 13, 2018
2 min read

When we are young time seems eternal. Scientists identity this phenomenon as a cognitive bias or a fallacy in the way we think , view the world and make life decisions. Then since the basis for the decision itself is delusional, the outcome will be 80% times undesired.

With respect to time and its passage we have to look at them this way:
1 year for a 20 years old is 5% of his life
1 year for a 40 years old is 2.5 % of his life
1 year for a 60 years old is 1.25% of his life
1 year for a 80 years old is 0.6% of his life

That is why times seems to move faster as we grow older.

To many the wakeup call occurs at 40. Suddenly times seems really finite. However everything can’t be changed with this new perception.

One thing you can change is your routine before 8am , the start of work-life for most .

This is about securing an early win. If every day can be properly utilized the years that are getting shorter every passing time, one has a better chance to die having lived a meaningful life. On the same line of thought, if every hour can be accounted for, each passing day will be productive.

This process must start in the morning. Wake up at 4am . Visualize until you can get out of bed. Design an exercise routine , light or heavy for 1 to 2 hours. While your body is working out , let your mind wonder in theta state where it will organize old memories and plan the day ahead. Do your freshening up like your body is a shrine. By 8 am you will have achieved 10 times the sense of accomplishment than when your self 10 years ago.

Repeat this the next 40 to 50 years.

You will live and die rich and happy.

The older we grow , the less money matters and the more time matters. Get the equation of life wrong and be prepared for miserable ending.

Realize the importance of pumped up by 8am and your life will be the best it could have been. At least start in your 40s , if not 50s!