What i don’t want and want

March 24, 2017
2 min read

So now my next problem to solve is what model to use to become a billionaire in the way that won’t disturb my way of life.

What way of life am i trying to protect?
-Not having to invest any money i earned so far
-No loss of respect by society
– not having to risk incuring any form of loan in my name directly
– not misguiding any one
– not having to attend parties
– not having to deal with legal matters
– not having to sign checks
– not having to control expense
– not dealing with anything physical
– not having to manage any one directly
– not having to get into disputes

What way is life do i seek ?
– money coming into my account through one single company which has investment in 10,000 companies
– my job being just to coach enterpreurs and owning shares of their achievements
– invest 90% of my company s earning back into private equity and vc
– changing my in come source to commission on sales and capital gain and retainers and dividends
– being the greatest investing coach ever
– being behind the scene
– being a billionaire yet able to run to the un park as now
– having my private office at banesowr despite owning 10,000 companies
– i want to own 1 percent of the economy
– no turmoil in my family
– being the ultimate strategist and coach with legions on enterpreneurs giving me a share of the companies
– being at the top of the chain of the new economy
– creating the environment for thousands of other Nepali billionaire