Anuradha Koirala CNN Hero 2010: a cosmic reward

December 4, 2010
3 min read

The story of Anuradha Koirala from oblivion to global celebrity is inspiring.  But more than that is the story of the three youths who started this wave, this tsunami.  They had the knoweldge of how the internet, facebook, media and mass psychology worked.  They put it to use and here we are today with the most deserving person being honored at an international level.  All this would not have been possible or would not even have been concieved if these three kids did not fill a simple form on the cnn website on the cnnheroes/nominate page.  Take a look at it.  It is really a simple act: filling the form. But the consequence in this case have been phenomenal. 

Scriptures have been saying, in time all who do good will be honored beyond their wildest imagination.  I always believed in the cosmic forces of payback.  I taught always.  Do good.  The person you did good may not be able to reward you even though she wished.  There are 12,000 women saved from prostitutional slavery who fit in this category.  But the combined goodwill of all these people will culminate in the cosmos.  It will in turn give the reward. 

Here was the missing link.  How can the cosmos give direct reward?  Directly it can give peace of mind, inner strength, genius.  But it cannot give hundreds grand or put you on all the media at once.  Nor can it enter into the hearts of millions to tell them , “support this person’. 

So the cosmos finds the best possible reward that is part of the material system.  I mean the cosmos can reward by giving gold coins but may be it would not sell in the market.  It could hyptonize a few thousand people in your favor but that is as far as it would go and it is not concrete enough to further any cause. 

This time the cosmos found may be the CNNHeroes would be a good platform.  Now how to get Anuradha there?  This is where cosmic force gives people the inspiration, the faith and the determination to do things not normally done.  This is where the three kids came in. 

It is a perfect example of cosmic reward. 

CNNHeroes is just a few years old concept.  Even the cosmos in need to reward so many altruist puts in the same inspiration , faith and determination in the CNN team to invent this concept. 

How will the three kids be rewarded by the cosmos?  I don’t know.  I can’t reward them even though I want.  But the cosmos will find a way as it always has.  Let’s see.