Living with elderly parents

May 30, 2009
2 min read

It is an emotionally challenging aspect of life. Many people are unaware of the psychological impact it has both on the elderly parents and the young generation. As a result they take the conflicts that arise either in silence or mental-verbal violence. In silence, the quality of life detoriates, in violence no life remains. The most important thing to remember when living with elderly parents is that is ok for you feel irritated by their comments. It is less about getting back to them with equally irritating comments but absorbing the impact of the negativity. IF you can’t do that living with elderly parents will be a living hell. In this age of impatience and selfishness, to expect this level of ’emotional sponge or shock absorber’ quality from the young generation is too much. No wonder, they are leaving home, if not shelving themselves in work or its facade. But if you want to keep living with your elderly parents, remember the experience will not only be rewarding morally, but in terms of emotional intelligence you will be able to progress further in managerial careers than others. Life is tough, and it starts at home. Work gives us an escape from home. We think it is the other way round, but think again. That is why we must learn to live in our homes. Then even the most adverse working environment will seem a piece of cake.