Mad politicians: bad for their historic image

July 23, 2010
2 min read

There is a political crisis in Nepal.  It is not an enemy state trying to invade us.  It is not a recession.  It is not even a civil war. 


It is madness of politicians. 


They are now fighting among themselves on who will be the prime minister.  All on the salary paid by the nation to make the constitution.  It is like playing musical chair on company time.  Would any employee do that?  No.  But politicians are doing just that. 


Prachanda the great revolutionary who ended the age old monarchy, would have done himself great justice had he just died on that historic day.  Now his name will go into the pages as history as a greedy, power-hungry and mad politician not as a maker of a new epope. 


The sad part is that none of the politicians are actually able to see the historic mess they are created.  They are invited their own demise.  Their actions are the symptoms of a failing system. 


Will the savior who will erase all this madness of politicians come?  He or she will come. 


There is a natural law in history that wipes out all the dead weight through uncomprehensible means like the royal massacre in Nepal and in many other places.  Time had come for them to be extinct because of their uselessness and destruction. 


It is said the the royals were blessed by Gorakhnath, an immortal yogi.  Still they lost to destiny.  Now what to speak of these mad politicians.  Their day of peril is not far.  Let’s pray wit will come to them in time.