Winning negativity with exercise

April 30, 2017
1 min read

Winning the negativity in oneself is a skill that is rarely even thought of. But it is that skill that if one doesn’t have one will fail inevitably inside out.

I’ve experienced this negativity when i was 16 all of a sudden. It was like a voice in my head simply saying, “forget it. You’re not going to make it. You’ll fail. Give up now.” Strangely at that time i had nothing in my mind being so young. I had no such vision for myself. But this seemed to think other wise dissuading me.

Then the negativity disappeared for many years.

It appeared again in the peak of my training career.

Then it is active now in the transition of my career from consultant to founder.

Were it not for these negative feelings springing from deep within i know my resolve to pursue my dream would have been too weak to handle the objections outside. Every day for the past year I’ve been winning one negativity after another. Sometimes i wonder how creative this negativity is!

Without exercise induced wavelength and hormones i couldn’t win these negative thinkings.

I guess exercise is for both physical and mental and emotional fitness.