Samadhi’s effect on mind

May 30, 2019
3 min read

I am becoming surprisingly calm lately in the mind. I was always calm but this calm, I never was. it is as if i see the world in slow motion. Any irritation and agitation that affected me before ceases to affect me. Instead i feel just silence and blankness.

It comes after my perfection of the samadhi state which is becoming second nature. Every day for one hour , i leave my body and mind and just travel into another world.

sometimes I just seat there, go nearby. Other times I go the the end of the galaxy and back to the big bang.

I try to be the boss sometimes and make some orders to get this done and that. I don’t know how it works but it is fun.

It is as if before the problem was the mixing of the soul with the mind. now since the soul has its own place and time it doesn’t have to bother the mind. The mind at times tries to tag during OBE but I just shut it off, it has no use where the soul goes: the little mind that is required it has separate of the brain cells.

After reading the book on DMT and pienal gland I have become even more clear of my condition, why, how and what next.

The DMT was entering the brain, and now i am able to control the flow and somehow send it to a particular place where it doesn’t affect the normal mind that really could do with less noise and demands from an infinite soul.

so in the major portion of the brain/mind, i feel no more DMT effects of spirituality. I feel it fully during meditation when i focus on the pineal gland area. Certain parts of the brain definitely need to be activated to enable astral travel I am doing. So presume the DMT is going in those areas and these are not needed for day to day living.

so now I am left with a mind that is not infected by soul. that is a very welcome change because for all these years i had been burdened by having to live with a spiritual feelings in my mental processes.

Not that it is going to make me cruel or insensentive. No, it is just that the spiritual desires such as detachment, need to be alone, need to think of the universe are not going to perturb me anymore.