Very rare event

August 18, 2019
2 min read

It is incredible what I have attained in the spiritual world. All this and no one knows. It is kind of fun. What i attained would not be possible without drugs like DMT or some plants. you need to get the brain waves to extremely low. Now you have binaural beats on youtube.

It is not enough though, you must know what to do once you are at such low frequency. To that end you have to have the knowledge from just the right kind of books totally unrelated to meditation. then you must have the time to read them.

It helps to have a perfect seat that supports your body and equipments to protect your back and neck from injuries of meditation.

wow. all those things concurred for me.

What next? is not that much of a question as just uptil a few weeks ago. I know. I found the final “ONE”. I know what is my work in the world and how to do it. It will a quiet, active and blissful life.

I have not perfected samadhi nor am i fully ready for my upcoming work of spreading knowledge of the Gita in the frameworks of today.

Thus I am taking it slowly.