Samadhi log

May 25, 2019
3 min read

Every day my meditation is developing requiring new methods. where is it all leading? I am not sure. But i know I have to time, the means and the knowledge to carry on this amazing path. It could not have been taken my many people at least anyone alive now. but may be there are and are unknown and hidden like me.

Yesterday I was much more comfortable with my OBE and it is slowly feeling normal. I was tired a bit even at the spiritual level. But in no time, I was emitting rays of energy and absorbing.

In that state it just seemed that everything was energy or vibration. Like a color or sound the vibration could be manipulated to create certain meaning or effect. I have not mastered in any way near how to create or even understand vibrations and energy in this samadhi state but now i know it exists.

Basically i can conclude there are two directions of energy:

  • one going out of the soul into the universe
  • the other coming in form the universe into the soul

It may appear like breathing but i can’ say for sure.

Moving position of my soul causes the energy emission to move it as the source and destination moves:

  • above
  • in front
  • in the left
  • in the right
  • below
  • at the back
  • at angles

I am now having a almost full body in the OBE requiring me to lose more and more consciousness of the physical body and mind.

the mind still has some thoughts and memories come but as my soul leaves the running thought or memory it is lost and there is quiet again.

there is the urge to come back to the body and mind during the samadhi as I move around my space. It must be old habits.

But the body and mind are deeply at rest free from my soul’s desires to perform the 8 siddhis. And my soul is free to perform them when it is bored or needs change:

  • becoming large and expanding to engulf everything
  • becoming a quanta and so small to have nothing
  • to become light and be flown wherever
  • the become heavy at sink to the core of the earth
  • to try to influence the universe and to let absorb its power

I have come to the realization of the various states of consciousness that are so needed for anyone’s well being:

  • conscious state : to live, to learn, to earn, to finish karma, to enjoy, to do and to be
  • sub conscious state: to fulfill desires that can’t be fulfilled, to get re-assurance, to get answers to questions that can’t be asked, to finish karma, to organize certain memories,
  • unconscious state (i reach it easily on my recliner in the reclining position): to forget, to escape, to hang out into nothingness
  • super conscious state (OBE in Samadhi state): to emanate energy, to absorb energy, (beyond that I am not aware yet)

I wonder what scientists would find out it they put EEG’s on my head while in my so-called samadhi state. Although the technology is available at 200$. anyways.