Samadhi in lockdown

April 26, 2020
1 min read

This lockdown has given me access to such deep part of myself that would have been possible in a state where I would have to be ready to any call for a job.

i would have been busy this time of the year but it didn’t happen. At least for me it was always uncertain. But then i was prepared.

Mostly I have been able to go to great depth. Now I am in a level of samadhi where I just sit there one hour to get the blessings and meet the masters. Meditation takes place the whole day.

My nap time has been converted to pratyahara. I have tried many musics to put me in the right frame but I ‘m not successful yest successful because i don’t what what i want to achieve. it is a great possibility but i don’t know yet. It was possible because i managed to design the chair in a perfect shape that fits exactly my body for a perfect savasan.